Friday, May 26, 2006

May 26, 2006

I never could get over these fake Puma ads.

For my female readers: Pastease offers up some interesting pasties, including little hands and X's

Kate looking hot and nerdy

Babes 2 Night offers up some really pretty galleries of naked girls. The only problem is the shoddy navigation—it seems that each click opens a new window for each picture. Fuckers.

Apparently, we hadn't yet reached full potential of using sex to sell things until this very moment. Shai makes porn with handy tags to tell you about each article of clothing featured. And, to tell you the truth, nothing makes me want a sweet track jacket ('Choco with green piping) like cum on a girl's thigh. Well, it was probably her grasping it in her hand as she was fucked that did it, actually.

A Star Wars themed domination blog. You can never have enough fetishes, I suppose.

A Sex theme park? In Europe? Book me a flight, I'm going.


Seska is a small-ish porn site featuring the brilliant Seska in a variety of retro-tinged, slightly (okay. A little more than slightly) fetishistic photo sets and videos. At eight bucks for a week, the price is way too good to pass up; the photos are clear, erotic, and way to artsy to be found on your average pr0n site.